What is a gentle C-Section?

gentle C-Section

All around the world more babies are born in C- Section or caesarean than natural birth. There are various reasons pregnant women need Cesareans, some get it done to avoid pain during natural birthing, and for some, it can be life-threatening. Numerous new mothers complain of feeling disconnected from childbirth due to C-section and sad that they could not give a natural birth to their child. To address this, doctors have found a new technique called a gentle C-Section.

Read on to know all about gentle Cesarean.

As per reports by livestrong.com, more and more hospitals these days are providing an option to would-be parents of a gentle c section also called the family-centered C-section.

Difference between gentle C-Section and C-Section

In a C-Section procedure, the women are taken into a surgery room, and a sheet is placed to block the view of the process taking place. Her wrists are tied strapped to prevent injury, and she lies flat on her back. She is fitted with EKG sensors to monitor her vitals during the procedure. The baby is removed from the women, she is given a glimpse of the baby, and the baby is taken away for care.

Many moms who deliver babies through cesarean feel sad and feel disconnected due to lack of skin to skin bonding with their child immediately after birth. But some doctors have changed the way C-section is done. With the technique of gentle C-Section, it is more like a birth than an operation. But doctors insist that gentle C-Section is still a surgery albeit more family oriented.

How is a typical gentle C-Section Done?

If a pregnant woman has opted for a gentle C-Section after the incision is made:

Will be propped up so as to be able to view the birth through a transparent plastic sheet. A solid sheet will still block your view of the incision
The delivery of the baby will be done slowly so as to give time for the chest to squeeze and clear the lungs of fluid just like in vaginal birth.
The child is placed on the chest of the women immediately after delivery for a skin-to-skin touch. The baby can either be taken away for care or can stay with the women for the completion of surgery and can later be taken to the recovery room.
Woman’s dominant hand is left free to hold the baby and IV is put in the least dominant hand. The heartbeat monitor wires are placed at the women’s back instead of her belly so that they don’t come in the way of holding the baby.
Option to take fewer sedatives is given so that the women are more alert to take care of the baby.

Advantages of Gentle C-Section

Able to see the birth of the child leaves the women with happy memories of birthing process
Immediate Mother-child bonding due to skin to skin contact, which regulates baby’s heart rate and body temperature
Babies stop crying hearing to mom’s voice and warmth of the body.

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