Do’s And Don’ts For A Natural Childbirth

The stork has visited you finally, and you are all set for a natural childbirth. Before you venture into this idea, take some time off to read more about hypnobirthing articles. Authors at have listed a few do’s and don’ts to help expectant mothers have a safe natural birth.

1. Find A Well-Trained And Supportive Practitioner
Look for a hospital that supports natural childbirth or hires a midwife who can help you through this phase. They look at the various aspects like hypnobirthing that refers to the process of using hypnotherapy to aid in the birthing process.

Generally, a small hospital with a low C-section rate can help you during child labor. They have no drugs at hand, and it is only natural methods to relieve you of the painful contractions. Be warned though that these types of births should be attended by an experienced midwife or a licensed practitioner. Keep the phone number of the hospital near you in the case of any emergency.

2. Practice Relaxation Techniques
Learn the art of right breathing to take away the stress from natural childbirth. Squat through the contractions or relax with your eyes closed. Attend hypnobirthing sessions and be prepared physically and mentally.

When you know beforehand that you want a natural childbirth, prepare your body for the same during pregnancy. Sign up for prenatal yoga classes and tell yourself aloud that each time there is a contraction, you are going to experience a steady progress and not labor pain.

When you do this, you are telling your body to prepare itself for the big day. Listen to soothing music or read through how you can stay calm during the birthing process.

3. Hire A Birth Doula
You can describe her as your cheerleader who will stay by you during, before and after the birth of the baby. They help you relax and ease your mind and body of any pain.

4. Reach Out To Loved Ones
At some point during the labor, you feel like giving it up. Your body cannot endure the pain and you want the baby to pop out like a miracle. The idea here is to stay positive and never give up. Reach out to your family members and sensing their presence near you will give you the much-needed strength.

Here’s what you should avoid doing.

1. Do not starve
Have a good meal before you head to the hospital. Do not stuff yourself till you feel like bursting. Eat small portions of your favorite food. It is no good to starve yourself when you need the energy to push your baby.

2. Avoid Listening To Other’s Birthing Stories
The last thing you would want to hear is how your friend’s baby was in a breech position and how the head weighed a ton. When you have prepared yourself for a natural childbirth, you have won half the battle. Steer away from old wives’ tales or negative stories from others.

3. Do Not Be Hard On Yourself
There are plenty of women who had everything in place for the childbirth and end up with epidural, C-section and a healthy baby. Isn’t that the priority after all?

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