Ward Off Body Pains And Find Relief With Inversion Tables

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 Inversion Tables

Inversion tables are the magic healers that utilizes the powers of gravity to relieve body off the pain. Most of us face body pains like back pains at some stage of life. It is estimated that most of the people start experiencing severe back pains by early thirties and it only gets worse down the lane. The hectic work schedules, multitasking, sitting hours in front of the computer and working, sleeplessness, etc. add to the woes and makes one weak, tired and suffer from severe body pains. In such cases, if we check out the recent Inversion table reviews of users around the globe, most of them vouch for the product and claims that it helped them to get relief from back pains. Even the popular website, www.livestrong.com recommends its readers to use inversion tables for relief from body pains.

Here are some of the countless benefits of using inversion tables:

Flushing Of Waste From Lymph System
While lying on an inversion table, one lies upside down in the direction of gravity. It helps in flushing out wastes from lymph system. The lymph system consists of wastes traveling in one direction. When a person lies upside down, these wastes along with lactic acids gets flushed off. In most cases, the presence of these wastes in lymph causes body pains. Using an inversion table regularly can ensure that such body pains are warded off.

Increased Blood Circulation
By lying upside down in the direction of gravity, we are helping the fluids in the body to circulate easily as it no longer has to defy gravity and flow. Gravity is said to affect all the organs of the body. When one lies upside down, the organs are de-congested. It also stimulates the lymphatic system of one’s body and increases blood circulation. When the flow of body fluids are increased, the wastes causing body pains are easily removed.

Retain Your Height
It is said that an adult person loses about 3/4 inches of his height every morning when he wakes up after a deep sleep. This happens because the body is always against gravity and this action against gravity causes spinal compression. When one lies on the inversion table and stretches his/her body in the direction of gravity, the compression process is reversed, and the spines are stretched. This helps you to retain your height and maintain your posture.

There are many types of inversion tables available in the market. There are separate inversion tables for those on the heavier side. In some inversion tables, adjustable pillows are also provided to soothe the back muscles. The tables will also be adjustable according to the needs of the user. Some inversion tables use FIR heating technologies to provide a better and refreshing exercise. There are also inversion tables with backrests, head pillows, lumbar pads, etc. Some are even provided with carbon fibers in heating elements. This ensures that all the body muscles are relaxed and soothed while you lie on the table. You just need to pick the one that suits your comfort and needs. Start using inversion tables and bid farewell to body pains!

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