Revive Your Beauty With A Facelift Surgery

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Facelift Surgery

Your face is a very crucial part of your overall personality. It is a natural phenomenon, as we age, our skin begins to get wrinkles and loosen up. The tightening of skin due to evenly distributed fatty tissues across your facial structure gives a younger look, and this is why young people naturally have a smoother and toned look. Slowly as the body grows and with hormonal advancement within your body, this distribution of fatty tissues become irregular which cause the skin to sag around your jawline, chin and neck area giving it an aged appearance. Hence cosmetic treatments have become very popular world over. Some of the most famous reconstruction and cosmetic correction surgery destination in the world is Facelift Singapore.

Although the share of individuals opting for aesthetic treatments is on the rise, as per a study shared on, certain medical researchers have a conflicting opinion about the after effect of such correction surgeries on the health and lifestyle of people. Nevertheless these treatment options have proved as a boon for many, desiring to revamp their youthful and perfect look.

Facelift surgery, clinically known by the name Rhytidectomy, involves the tightening of the muscles of the face and remove the extra fat pockets in the skin to rejuvenate the youthful facial appearance.
Usually, people within the age range of 50 years to 70 years are turning to face-lifting surgeries. Although age is not the main deciding criteria there are other more important prerequisites which can give you better results:

The elasticity of skin: candidates with good flexibility and elasticity in their skin, have optimum recovery post the procedure. Since the surgeon tightens the facial skin, removing all wrinkles, people with natural suppleness in the skin adapts to the new structure more efficiently.

Strong bone structure: Since the facial muscles and bones provide the support to the skin tightening process, a well-defined bone structure is always a plus point.

Sound health: Like any other surgery, sound health is a prerequisite to ensure better healing and recovery. Therefore, the patient should disclose about any pre-existing medical condition to the doctor before the surgery.
The face-lifting surgery involves various focus areas which the surgeon work upon:

Eyes define your complete look. Doctors remove the deep lines and crow’s feet that develop around the eyes. In some cases, if found necessary Blepharoplasty is also done to remove excess skin and fat around the eyes to reduce the puffiness and make your eyes look young and beautiful.

Chin and cheek rework
The level of an amino acid-based protein known as collagen regulates the natural beauty of our skin. As we grow old, the production of this protein reduces in the body, leading your chin and cheek skin to sag causing double chin and sagging jowls. Through surgery, doctor tightens up this loose skin.

Forehead wrinkles
Prominent wrinkle lines develop on our forehead because of general ageing process or excessive frowning habit. These lines are removed using various techniques like brow lift procedure etc.
Consulting an expert and renowned surgeon is always beneficial to ensure the best result and reduce chances of anything going wrong which can prove to be fatal for your life ahead.

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