Know Few Home Remedies To Eliminate Cockroaches

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Humankind always has a clear and emphatic aversion to cockroaches. These repulsive insects come out at night and can travel anywhere inside the house including our toilet and kitchen spreading diseases. Cockroaches love to check out cooked food and unclean dishware, but just their traveling about seeking a meal helps them spread a variety of diseases that affect human beings. These roaches do carry germs harmful to human kind. Their presence helps to increase the occurrences of allergies and asthma in people. This short write up is intended to offer few roach control methods that can be easily followed at home. Homeowners can also make use of the website to know more details on how to get rid of cockroaches by using few commonly available items in our homes.

According to scientific experts, cockroaches can even survive a nuclear explosion; forget about the commercial bug killers that are available in the market. However, we do not need such an expensive method or high-cost pesticides to get rid of these little monsters.

Preventive methods
Whenever you find a cockroach in your home, you need to find the source. This will be the only way to get rid of a cockroach infestation. If the source is not located and eliminated, your unwelcome visitors will grow and multiply quickly, and in high numbers. These critters are capable of living on short rations. There’s that old cliché that only cockroaches will survive a nuclear holocaust. Therefore, any time you happen to see roaches in the home, you must take care of the situation quite seriously. This means that you must deal with it immediately and not put it off until tomorrow.

Steps to follow when you find roaches
Once you have spied roaches running along your kitchen floor, there are few steps you need to take including:

• Break out the spray bottles. There are commercially available insecticides in spray form that will instantly kill these disgusting crawlers. Keeping a bottle on hand for a quick draw spray at the bug will take care of the situation for that particular bug. However, the spray can also be harmful to humans if ingested or breathed-in so make sure to keep them out of the reach of children.
• Use bait if you do not want to go through the hassle of spraying with the odors and greasy mess it entails. There are commercially available bait boxes that can be placed in areas where roaches frequently visit. The bait is a great lure attracting the bug that dies once consuming it.
• Concoct a home remedy making dough from boric acid, flour, and sugar. This is a mixture where the sweet sugar attracts the bug in the boric acid kills it. This can be a very effective home remedy in your battle against roaches.
• Bay Leaves: This is easily available in any kitchen and is found to be effective in getting rid of roaches. One needs to leave the bundle of these leaves in the sink holes, kitchen corners where these roach nests are likely to be present. One can also spread the leaf in cupboards to safeguard books and clothes from these roaches.
More than the mentioned steps, many more methods are available to get rid of these cockroaches.

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